Hartlepool Carpet Cleaning Reviews


We purchased a house in Hartlepool and moved from London. However the Mrs. was not so happy with the paint work so I ended up doing it all be myself without covering the carpets. Some DIY jobs can cost you a lot especially if you are not a professional and just doing it for the sake of saving money. On completion my carpets were ruined which will cost us over a £1000

I been recommend by a friend of mine to call Tidyups. A Local Carpet Cleaning Company which I did and they were very nice to speak to. Even though their price was very affordable. Their service was top notch. They were upfront to say those stains cannot be guaranteed they were able to remove all of them.

They were very pleasant to work with. Very affordable prices. Carpets looked and smelled better than brand new.

If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company in Hartlepool or in the North East. Contact Tidyups for professional carpet cleaning services.

Dr. Omar – Hartlepool

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