Billingham Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Billingham Carpet Cleaning ReviewsWe have hired TidyUps in the North East to carry-out a full house carpet cleaning in Billingham. Their service was speechlessly great and the lads which worked in our large 5 bed house were extremely pleasant. Their carpet cleaning machine and materials they have used were top notch as we have inspected everything as we are allergic to some specific products. The brand they used to steam clean our carpets was eco friendly which offered us reassurance. When we spoke to other carpet cleaning companies they could not even explain what process they use and what materials and equipment they use to carryout carpet cleaning services.

There customer services offered us a quick and helpful service for a great price. If you are looking for Carpet Cleaning Services in Billingham in Tees Valley, then call TidUps on 07506 709450 – They are really a great carpet cleaning company!

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