Squatter Cleanup, The Importance of Immediate Squatter Cleanup


The Importance of Immediate Squatter Cleanup

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If you have a long vacant or recently vacated property, one of your main concerns will be the threat of squatters and a squatter cleanup. Which should be all done by one trusted trade. As a squatter cleanup specialists serving across UK, we can provide you a hassle and stress free squatter cleanup service anywhere in the UK.

Squatter Cleanup And Biohazard Cleaning Company

The longer a squatter cleanup is left, the worse it will get. Expecting a homeowner or relatives to help in the cleanup in such situations can be a very difficult experience. Due to the unsafe nature of squatter cleanup, it is strongly recommended to use the services of a biohazard cleaning company.

Disinfect, Deodorise, Deep Steam Clean And Sanitise

They will access the situation and explain to you the process as each project is of a different scale and has unique requirements. Their adequately trained and certified professionals will clear, remove and dispose of debris and dangerous items. They will ensure your property is disinfected, decontaminated and hazard free.

Extreme Cleaning Services

Some tenants could leave your place in a poor, uninhabitable state and usually with large amounts of waste which is extremely hazardous and difficult to dispose of.

Gross Filth And Medical Waste Cleaning And Clearance Services

If tenants have used the house for illegal activities they would have left behind harmful and illegal equipment like syringes, drug paraphernalia and many other things that could easily cause bacterial infections.

Specialist Biohazard Cleaning Services

Other things left behind can be bodily fluids, human waste or blood spills which can lead to infectious diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis.

Expert Advice And Specialist Squatter Cleanup Services Company

A good squatter cleanup should involve the following:

  • An emergency response
  • Use of a licensed team with proper documentation and certified processes
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Using special protective clothing so as to avoid getting infected during the cleaning process
  • Clearance and ethical disposal of all waste, bio hazards, animal carcasses, etc
  • Ensure full sanitisation and decontamination of the property
  • Ensure proper odour removal
  • Leave the property clean, safe and habitable

Post Cleaning Treatment (Squatter Clean and Disinfecting And Decontamination)

The post-cleaning treatment is also equally important. This will help to deal with the bacterial infections and also get rid of the stench that is left behind.

Crime Scene And Biohazard Cleaning Company

Tidyups Crime Scene And Biohazard Cleanup is fully equipped and has trained professionals to deal with all the various waste and dirt squatters and tenants can leave behind. No matter how bad the situation is, we can help clean up and restore your property to its former glory.

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