How much does carpet cleaning cost in UK?


Sometimes, just vacuuming or valeting the carpets is not good enough. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a powerful and property carpet cleaning machine that could go deep into the pile of your carpet, suck and clean the underlay of your carpet and remove dirt, grime and dust which have built since your carpets been last professional steam cleaned. And if you’ve got kids and pets and a few people living in the household – well there are going to be spillages and accidents that stain the carpet and because of high traffic it could possibly make your carpets look tired and dirty.

If carpets were not professionally cleaned with property agents and equipment, all carpets look a little tired and old and are in desperate need of replacement or buying and re-fitting the carpets may be a good idea. However, before you rush out and end up spending a lot of money on buying brand new carpets, beading, nails, nail grips, hire carpet fitters and go through the hassle and stress, money can be saved by calling in some professional carpet cleaners. The resulting deep carpet clean can be quite astonishing, giving your carpets an entirely new lease of life.

Many a times, as a carpet cleaning company we have saved landlords thousands of pounds. Because the landlord was thinking of replacing the carpets all together but we recommended a clean before he gets them replaced and they agreed it was probably the best decision they have made, getting their carpets professional cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company.

Eradicate the Grime with a Deep Clean

To get the best results from a deep carpet clean, you’ll need to vacuum and shampoo your carpets. Cleaning occurs in several steps. First, carpets are vacuumed to remove any large and easily removed items. Then, industrial carpet cleaning machines spray shampoo and hot water into the pile.

Carpet Cleaning machine head then works its way into the carpet, agitating the fibres to loosen the dirt, before sucking up both the grime and liquid out from the carpets. After the initial carpet sweep, it’s a good idea to clean the carpets again; this time without using any shampoo. This third step acts as a rinsing stage, drawing the remaining dust and dirt from the carpet fibres whilst ensuring no carpet cleaning shampoo’s been left behind.

If you have hired a professional carpet cleaning company, they will do it all for you and ensure your carpets have been cleaned to the best standards possible.

Save Money by Hiring Cleaning Machines

Even though professional carpet cleaning isn’t very expensive, if you’re working with a small budget, it’s easy enough to carry out carpet cleaning yourself. The process doesn’t require any particular skill, nor is it difficult; it’s just time consuming, especially if you’ve got a large home. But most important you may only hire rug doctor carpet cleaning machines or small machines – you are very unlikely to pay a heavy cost towards hiring a proper and professional industrial carpet cleaning machine. Those are heavy as well and need professional training course and years of experience.

Many stores across the UK, including Homebase and HSS, hire out carpet cleaning machines for between £20 and £28 per 24 hours. With carpet shampoo only costing about £15, you could clean the entire house for only £35…just be prepared to put in the hours, the hassle to go and hire the machine and then return it, that is of course time, fuel, a contract in place, then you are not insured to do it and then you may easily damage a carpet without having proper skills!

Average Carpet Cleaning Costs

It doesn’t cost much to have a carpet professionally cleaned, and though you might want to clean a couple of rooms, when it comes to the entire house, it’s a lot of work. In this instance, it’s worthwhile getting some carpet cleaning quotes to have the work done for you by a trained professional carpet cleaner. Certainly, by the time you’ve hired a machine, bought shampoo and spent a lot of your personal time cleaning, it almost makes sense to pay a little more to hire a local carpet cleaning company whilst you put your feet up.

Luckily, the price of carpet cleaning doesn’t vary much across regions, so you can expect to pay about the same in London as you would in rural North East England. Typically, companies provide quotes based on room type and size, colour, condition of your carpets and upholstery, time since last cleaned, stains, etc. For example, carpet cleaning contractors on carpet cleaning comparison websites might break down a quote into various areas such as a staircase, large bedroom, large front room, small bedroom etc. Average costs are as follows;

  • Small Bedroom – £20
  • Large Bedroom – £27
  • Stairs and Landing – £30
  • Large Front Room – £35

Other Cost Considerations

When you’re booking professional carpet cleaners, there are a few important points to remember if you want to avoid unexpected costs.

  • Minimum Charges
    For most companies, it’s not worthwhile cleaning a single room. As such, there’s often a minimum charge applied which averages out at around £50. It’s much better and cheaper overall to get your whole house cleaned in one go than to hire carpet cleaners for one or two rooms at a time.
  • Stubborn Stains
    You may find that stubborn carpet and upholstery cleaning stains require a lot more work to remove and, therefore, cost a little bit more. When you’re gathering quotes, be sure to mention particular stains (red wine or paint, chocolate for example) that might be hard to get out.
  • Furniture Removal
    Carpet cleaning firms will not be expecting to remove furniture from a room. If they turn up and are unable to start because a room needs clearing, they’re likely to charge more. In some cases, they won’t move the furniture at all and will either clean around it or will ask you to move it. Before booking a carpet cleaning service, be sure to ask about this requirement. 

Overall, the cost of carpet cleaning is minimal, and for a standard three-bedroom house you can expect to pay around £120 to £200 if you have two reception rooms, three bedrooms and the hallway, landing and stairs cleaned. This will be a little more in a four-bed house, depending on the size and number of additional rooms. and of course it will be more if it was an even larger house, an office, a pub, a hotel, a hostel, a bed and breakfast and large blocks of flats.

For the best prices, negotiate for a carpet cleaning quote to cover the cost of cleaning your entire house instead of each room, giving you the cheapest way to a luxuriously sparkling new interior.

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