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This means that water damage may be inevitable in some circumstances and can damage your property. Flood Restoration Service can help bring your carpet back to life and avoid replacing it with our professional carpet drying serviceFlood Restoration Service provides water damage restoration services in Teesside, County Durham and North East, using advanced drying techniques to quickly and efficiently dry the wet carpet and other floor. Our technicians visit the water damage restoration site every 24/48 hours to check the progress of carpet drying.

Cause and effects of water damage

From leaky old pipes to dripping roofs due to torrential rains, faulty water lines to corroded tubing, water troubles can come in the form of any one or a combination of these. What ensues next is no less than a disaster! First, the place starts to get fully soaked in the boundaries and damp in the middle. Then it starts to smell dank and musty. The walls become discoloured and the carpet becomes a wet squishy mess. Last but not least, enters the mould and mildew. Standing water can cause mould growth in as little as 36 hours, making flood restoration services more substantial and costly.

The solution? Flood restoration. Most companies when hired to clean out the mess start with an aggressive approach by tearing down the walls and frameworks that are waterlogged. They also rip off the destroyed carpets and sometimes even the hardwood floors.

However, such companies miss out on a very important aspect of flood restoration: carpet drying. It is essential to dry out the place first but many carpet cleaners do not do so, simply because it takes too long.

Why hire Flood Restoration Company to dry your flooded property:

  1. Our carpet cleaning technicians with the highest quality skill and experience in restoring flood-affected properties
  2. We are available on call 24/7 and arrive on-site within an hour of the first call. This reduces the risk of water mitigation to unaffected areas.
  3. We hold a huge inventory of commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers. This ensures we can handle multiple jobs at a time. Our huge inventory also allows us to finish the job quickly as we can install sufficient equipment to dry the flooded home.
  4. Flood Restoration Service team of highly skilled technicians are equipped with the most modern equipment for flood damage assessment and diagnosis. We carry portable thermos-hygrometers, thermal imaging cameras, moisture sensors, and moisture meters for quick and effective on-site damage assessment.
  5. Our state of the art Rotovac 360i, water claw and extractors are the most professional water extraction tools available on the market. These machines are designed to remove up to 91% of the water from flood-affected underlays and carpet, and allow much quicker drying of carpet as most of the water is already extracted.
  6. We have seven flood restoration teams working Teesside, County Durham and North East England and Yorkshire, giving us the capability to respond to multiple client calls at a time.
  7. We have large vehicles e.g. Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit, compared to our competitors which deploy much smaller vehicles, such as the smaller-sized Toyota Hiace. Our flood restoration service vehicles have the capacity to carry up to 20 blowers and 8 dehumidifiers at one time. This drastically reduces our transportation costs and response time (as well as working time at the site).
  8. All flood restoration teams are fully equipped. This will save you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors simultaneously. You will deal with one person all the time.

How do we do it?

Water damage restoration is a process that requires skill. The restoration process requires us to use industrial dehumidifiers to ensure that there is no mould or foul smell in the carpets. The wet carpet is dehumidified using air movers and heated air movers. The underlay and carpet are dried in order to prevent the growth of mould. The carpet can also be removed and the carpet padding can be replaced if our skilled professionals feel it is necessary to do so. Equipment such as a water claw is used to extract the maximum amount of water from the carpet and the padding of the carpet.

The team will then undertake steps to ensure that before they leave, your carpet is; dry, clean and safe to use. Our professional water damage restoration and carpet drying service not only dries the carpets, but also sanitises them so they are safe to use. We do our task so meticulously that it seems like there was no damage to begin with and your carpet will turn out as good as new.

Wet Carpet Restoration:

Flood water removal from flooded carpet is a significant part of the restoration. We use modern equipment for water removal from the wet carpet without further damaging it. Then our experienced water damage clean-up and restoration technicians clean the carpet to remove mud and any musky odour, taking care to preserve the colour and fabric of the carpet. We use the latest structural drying methods and equipment to quickly and efficiently reduce your costs. With a combination of air movers/carpet dryers and dehumidifiers, it may be possible to return the room to its pre-flood condition. We test every square metre of carpet with a digital moisture meter to make sure it is completely dry.

Why do I need to get my carpet dried?

Leaky roofs, damaged pipelines, and water damage is not something that should be taken lightly or overlooked.

The smallest leaks can lead to mould in the house. This can have serious implications for your health and is particularly dangerous if you have children in the house.

If there is excessive moisture in your flooring it can have the following impact:

  • It may lead to the growth of bacteria and mould under your flooring
  • Your home’s air quality can be damaged
  • Structural support and building foundations may be damaged or cracked
  • It may result in expensive repairs

This is why you need a professional water damage restoration service to identify the leak and restore the water damage.

The Water Restoration Process:

The process of water damage clean-up starts with an exhaustive inspection of the property in question. It involves a thorough inspection of ceilings, walls and floors.

Step 1: Inspection

Only a professional can truly assess the flood damage caused to your property. The inspection is designed and performed to determine the volume of water damage. By classifying and categorising the extent of damage caused by water, we are able to prepare a strategy to best restore the damage caused by floodwater.

Classification of Damage caused by flood water:

Class 1 is the damage caused by minimum absorption of water and moisture involving some part of a room. (In technical terms, less than 5% of the total building is affected by the flood)

Class 2 damage involves moisture-affected walls and complete carpeting of a full room (5-40% water damage to the building)

Class 3 damage is considered to be one of the worst flood-effect scenarios in which the moisture saturates almost the complete building. In class 3 damage, the ceilings are also badly affected (above 40% building is flooded)

Class 4 damage classification is a special category. It is assigned if surfaces like stone, hardwood and concrete are water damaged and require special drying equipment and techniques for restoration.

Categories of  Flood Damage:

Category 1. This includes water damage caused by clean water sources like ruptured or leaking water supply pipes and malfunctioning flush tanks etc. It is important to note that Category 1 water damage carries the potential to escalate to Category 2 and 3 if the damage is not controlled and restored in time.

Category 2. This is a more serious type of damage caused by detergent carrying grey water from dishwasher or washing machine spills. Urine contaminated water from toilet leakages also falls within this category.

Category 3. This is the most serious class of water damage involving most hazardous water that has disease-causing potential. This is also called black water flooding. Such damage is attributable to sewerage, natural floods and other forms of stagnant ineffective water carrying dangerous microscopic life.

Step 2: Water removal from your property

We prepare water removal plans using our powerful vacuums and extraction pumps. The nature and type of equipment applied is in relation to the nature of damage caused by water. Our top priority is to remove water in order to stop the possible growth of bacteria and mould.

Step 3: Drying the premises

After having removed and pumped out the damaging water from your property, the next step is the dehumidification to dry out any existing moisture. It is critical for restoration to be effective since moisture can result in the aggressive growth of rot and mould. The drying process can typically take a number of days to accomplish, depending on the nature and extent of water damage. It also involves wet carpet drying.

Step 4: Cleaning of household items

Household items are most delicate and easily affected by water damage. We take great care in ensuring that all the household items and personal belongings are thoroughly cleansed. This sanitation is a must to ensure prevention of bacterial appearance and mould from forming. As a standard measure, we treat all affected personal clothing, drapery and carpeting with antimicrobial chemicals for total decontamination. We deploy air scrubbers to purify and cleanse the air from suspended particles and moisture, improving the air quality of the building.

Step 5: Restoration

The final and most critical step in flood restoration is the restoration itself. This process requires the replacement of drywall and insulation materials. In lesser damage situations, the restoration process may involve the installation of a few drywall panels. In more serious flood damage scenarios, the replacement of complete walls may also be carried out. We always take extreme care in eliminating chances of exposure to toxic and hazardous substances like asbestos and lead. Such exposure to toxic materials is more likely in homes built 25 years or more in the past.

In certain water damage situations, the leakage can remain undetected for a long time. This is more relevant to minimal water leakages in drainage pipes or roofs. Such leaks allow free growth of mould in confined spaces like the ceiling. The restoration process in such cases is much more painstaking and time-consuming.

It is important to act fast

No matter what the source or scale of water damage is, it is of paramount importance to remove every bit of water-affected material and contamination as soon as possible. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends disposing of any materials that remain uncleaned and wet for over 48 hours in a water damage situation. It is important to understand that such materials provide an ideal opportunity for hazardous microorganisms to reproduce and spread in an unrestricted fashion. It is only by removing such hazardous materials that you can improve the quality of breathing air in your house. This is also vital for the restoration process.

Flood Restoration Prices:

All prices are excluding VAT.

Water extraction, cleaning and sanitising £20 per square meter (minimum charge £300 i.e. 15 sqm)  per property

Commercial Dehumidifier Hire £99 per night

Air Blower/Carpet Dryer Hire £39 per night

Site Inspection £80 each visit per property (Up to one hour)

Drying Equipment delivery/pick up £80 per visit

**Pricing excludes VAT

There might be other charges depending on the type of flood and material affected. This includes but is not limited to browning treatment, content cleaning, rubbish disposal, underlay/carpet replacement, antimicrobial treatment, carpet repair/installation and any building work required. Please note that for water extraction after hours, we charge time and a half (i.e extra £10 per sqm). For contaminated water (category 2/3 flooding), we may charge £30-$50 per sqm, depending on the extent of the damage. For flood restoration jobs, a cancellation fee of £300 will apply if you cancel the job after booking.

Depending on the type of flood and extent of damage, we may need to use dehumidifiers and air dryers for more than 48 hours. Drying the carpet typically takes 2-3 days. To dry structure and walls it may take 5-7 days or more. Our flood restoration technician will visit the site every day to assess the recovery.

Please check our carpet cleaning service and Mould Remediation service also.

*For properties requiring extra efforts will result in +25%
**Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available, the customer will pay the costs incurred by parking.

  •  Fully INSURANCE

Flood Restoration Services – Teesside, County Durham and North East

We know dealing with water damage or flooding is surely the last thing you want. However, it can also happen at any time, in the least unexpected situation. Therefore, saving the number of Flood Restoration Experts like Floor Services handy in your contact is highly important! By saving our number 07506 709450, you will be provided a fast and efficient service. We are equipped with exceptionally-trained staff are available 24/7 to deal with the water damaged area as quickly as possible.

You should never delay to minimise Flood Damage–our excellent and affordable water damage services will reduce the risk of mould quickly developing and ultimately save you and your family from further damage.

At Flood Restoration Service, we offer our finest expertise in drying carpets, drying of wood floors, structural drying of walls, mould remediation and sewage cleanup & flood restoration. We are the Water Extraction Expert whose quality service you can always depend on. We fully grasp that a sudden water at your home or office can be stressful and that is the reason why our local Flood Extraction Service team can be on-site within the hour. We will have your premise returning to original state in no time.

Our top priority is to eliminate the water as fast as possible from inside premise to prevent any extra damage, counter any water damage to household furniture and items, drying water damaged carpet, floors as well as structural drying. We take images including thermal images, moisture readings, monitor readings then give you all the reports.

There are chances of mould problems and also structural damage in case the restoration is not undertaken by experts and dried as quickly as possible. We are the one you should always call to carry out the Best Water Extraction Service Teesside, County Durham and North East.


Flood and Water Damage can be caused by everything from a burst pipe to raging storms. Flood Restoration Service can repair and restore the water damage to your home or business with ease in minimal possible time.


MOULD Cleaning and Removal

If property is not dried and restored by professionals there are high chances that moisture will be trapped and will allow growing. Mould is incredibly dangerous and toxic, meaning you’ll want it dealt with fast.

Mould Cleaning and Removal will have mould eliminated and reduced to healthy levels, restoring safe conditions to your home or business.



Spillages from drains and sewage pipe backup can spread fast if left unattended, which is why it is essential that any kind of sewage spill is treated as a hazard and sewage clean up occurs quickly and effectively.

As experienced Sewage Clean Up experts, we ensure all of our technicians are fully trained in the potential risks and hazards associated with sewage spills.


Wet Carpet Cleaning

Flood Services Australia provide top quality Wet Carpet Cleaning at the best rates. We are committed to providing our clients with high-grade solutions that work well for them.We are known for our expertise in handling damaged wet carpet cleaning and drying

Reliable Water Damage Expert UK

When you are in need of a Flood Extraction Expert to carry out top-notch Flood Restoration Service, then you are landing on the right page. Our services include:

• Storm & Flood Restoration

Floods or other types of storm damages require a quick response to mitigate later problems such as mould development as well as structural damage. For the most efficient storm and Flood Restoration UK service, we have the manpower, restoration drying equipment, and expertise to give you that–no matter what the source of the emergency.

• Water Damage Restoration

You may not realise, but flooding can cause underlying damage to your property’s internal structure. To ensure you get back into the use of your spaces as soon as possible, we use advanced water extraction equipment, leak detection and structural and de-humidification equipment to. You can always count on us to arrive on time within the hour at your property and accommodate all your needs in Water Damage Restoration.

• Carpet and Underlay Drying

Amongst the key elements of the furniture of a residence or an office is carpets. Moreover, they also have aesthetic values, so it is a sad scenario when your carpet gets wet because of various reasons. A task that should be the point of focus in such a case is quick drying of your carpet as well as an underlay. We are equipped with modern moisture measuring equipment to help determine the extent of the damage.

• Structural Drying

You can choose to leave structures such as concrete and walls to dry by themselves. However, this is never the correct way since delayed drying of structures can only result in further deterioration–which will make a greater impact on the structure that might be irreversible, like concrete cancer. For the best structural drying services, our drying methods are designed to quickly and efficiently dry your structures and get back to them their original state.

• Sub-Floor, Wood, and Hard Flooring

The development of mould and rot can directly affect the structural strength of your premise. And the best shelter for mould is a wet subfloor. By carrying out a timed intervention and using the proper methods, it is what vital in drying subfloor, wood, and hard floor. We will begin the drying process early to prevent the wood from cupping and warping. A robust wooden floor drying service from us is complemented with our best tools and equipment.

• Mould Remediation

The process of mould removal requires a unique combo of skill and training. Following an intense water damage event, the growth of mould is the “baby: of the failure of fast and proper drying remedy. The detection of mould origin is essential for accurate treatment and diagnosis. It is crucial for moulds to be identified as soon as possible as they can be dangerous due to various reasons and they need to be removed as soon as possible. Our products for mould remediation certainly meet the best technical and technological characteristics in each solution.

• Water Extraction

It is a definite necessity to dry out your home and your belongings rapidly following water damage events caused by water leaks, burst pipes, or floods. When you give us a call, we will give our best to provide you the best solution in minimising damage by performing superior Water Extraction UK wide service.

• Drying Equipment Hire

If you need a compact and robust dehumidifier to dry all kinds of properties, then we are the one to call. When you rent from us, you are guaranteed an efficient service with many advantages–starting from delivery, pickup, free installation by an expert, to most competitive prices.

• Sewage Clean-up

You will need to hire a professional service for the most efficient cleaning of your property after a sewage leak or overflow. If you decide not to get assistance from a professional sewage remediation service, then you are in for a long day with all sorts of trouble. Have the peace of mind by letting us carry out the best sewage clean-up job with the latest tools and equipment

• Air Purification

The focus of the dust-free environment is always important in all types of premises. Since dust contains lots of other particles such as dirt, dead skin cells and et cetera, then you surely need our air purification services so that the air in your environment is all pure!

• Odour Control and Treatment

Even without direct influence such as water damage, fire damage, rot, or animal secretions– unpleasant odours can have many different causes and often occur even without direct. Therefore, the process of odour neutralisation can be not a simple task. Besides, health problems can also be caused by strongly unpleasant odours. Call on us for the most excellent odour control and treatment service

To benefit from all the services above, do not hesitate to give us a call at Flood Services. Whenever the best flood clean-up UK service is needed, we are the number one to call!

The One You Should Call For Flood Extraction

We hire only trained professional technicians that are the best at what they do. They acknowledge the importance of your situation and act accordingly. Together, we are a dedicated team that will go beyond limits to solve your issue.

When you are faced with a case of an emergency flood, then you definitely the services of professional flood water extraction UK. Here are the steps to follow when an emergency flood occurs:

  • Call Us immediately on +44 7506 709450
  • Stop the water leak if possible
  • Take photographs of the Water Damage
  • Move electrical item to a dry location
  • Do not walk in flood water or wet carpet
  • keep your important paper and document at a safe place

Best Solutions for Flood Restoration UK

In case, you have just lived through water damage event or had your carpets damaged by flood and you need structural drying for your building or contents, simply call us at Flood Damage Services UK today and we can help you in restoring your home or business. We can be onsite within the hour and perform the most effective Flood Restoration Repairs.

To make things more convenient and easier for you, we will also help in handling the claim process and will communicate directly with insurance companies if needed.

To find out more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us now. Call now at 07506 709450


  1. Call Us immediately on 07506 709450
  2. Stop the water leak if possible
  3. Take photographs of the Water Damage
  4. Move furniture to a dry location
  5. Ventilate flooded areas
  6. Arrange direct access for our Technicians
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