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We get the job done right first time, every time!

We help you get rid of bird waste, bird droppings and help control birds coming in and causing damage. Endless noise is now a relaxing quiet.

Unfortunately, that’s only half the job done and we are more than pleased to help finish the remaining part too.                              Bird Waste Cleaning and Bird Control UK

Even after you’ve got rid of unwanted birds, their mess still remains and the droppings may cause possible pest and hazard in your home and office. A litter of twigs from nests, feathers, debris and bird droppings not only looks unsightly, it can also harbour unpleasant diseases and attract mites and vermin causing inconvenience to your home and office.

Prompt clean-up of droppings is essential and that too as soon as you discover it. With fresh droppings far easier to clean up than dried ones, calling a professional team should be a priority.

Waiting to take action makes a total clean up more and more challenging. Dried droppings can crumble when a clean-up is attempted, potentially turning into a bacteria packed powder. And nobody wants that in their home or business.

At TidyUps, We offer affordable and comprehensive cleaning for all property types and sizes.

  • We offer 100% obligation free quotes
  • We have 30 years experience
  • We are British owned and operated
  • We provide permanent bid removal
  • We deliver guaranteed results
  • We have state of the art materials and equipment
  • We cover across England, Scotland and Wales
  • We will arrive fully uniformed and in a branded company van
  • We will have our company equipment on us at all times.
  • We are fully insured for liabilities and employers liability.

Removing bird droppings is extremely hard work, and not particularly pleasant.

Don’t mess with the mess, our professional clean-up service is the quickest and simplest way to restore your walls, roofs, balconies, paths and other surfaces to pristine condition.

Dealing with birds in your home or business? Find out about our residential and commercial bird control today.

Why do I need to remove bird droppings?

The main reason for undertaking bird waste clearance is to minimise the risk of diseases passing to you and your family, employees, or household occupants. Bird droppings can contain a wide selection of unpleasant bacteria.

These include:

  • Newcastle disease
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Psittacosis
  • Aspergillosis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Gastroenteritis

In addition, bird nests and debris may harbour mites, which can cause further health concerns if they pass to humans. Although fresh droppings are not overly toxic, older droppings act as a breeding ground for toxic bacteria, providing a fertile breeding ground for unwanted germs that you definitely don’t need in your home or business.


If droppings are partially washed away due to rain, or the garden hose, it’s possible for the bacteria to end up almost anywhere. What may look clean to the naked eye is actually a breeding ground for nasty bugs.

There are many benefits to cleaning up bird droppings. These include:

  • Improve the attractiveness of your home or business
  • Minimise the damage that droppings cause to paint, stonework, tiles and metal
  • Stop structural damage before it occurs
  • Stop bird droppings from drying out and being inhaled

Both commercial and residential building owners and managers should work proactively to ensure that their property is free from unwanted, dangerous bird droppings.

You’ve got enough on your plate to worry about cleaning up after birds. Let us do the dirty work instead.


We remove unwanted birds from your property through nest removal services to disrupt roosting patterns and help break the connection they have with your home.

Rats, mice and other bugs are all attracted to bird nesting areas. So, if you’ve noticed a bird problem, it’s more than likely there’s other unwanted guests moving into your home too.


Your roof is an ideal roosting location for feral pigeons and other birds. This includes the exterior and interior locations where nest can be constructed.

For the most effective deterrent we offer bird proofing solutions to block and seal the interior spaces that birds use to nest – with broken tiles and openings in roof cavities the most common access points for birds.


A birds nest on your roof or inside your property may look rustic, but it can bring a long list of problems that can quickly cause a headache.

There are also a number of hazards associated with bird droppings, from health hazards to slipping hazards, damaged masonry and a generally untidy and unpleasant aesthetic.


Birds pose a serious threat to commercial spaces, especially food factories, by spoiling or contaminating food and putting your bottom line at risk.

We understand how important it is to have your commercial space protected. With no nasty chemicals we give you the peace of mind you need to run your business.


Solar panels can be a great way of obtaining sustainable energy to power your home or business.

However, with a large number of residential and commercial properties fitted with solar panels, that means a large number of sheltered and dry places for pigeons and other birds to call their home.


Although all birds have the potential to cause damage, the vast majority aren’t problematic.

It is only a few pest species, most notably pigeons, that are the cause of the issues that home and business owners face.

Our general cleaning solutions

We offer a full selection of professional cleaning services which can provide the clean-up and droppings disposal you need. Our team is able to complete nest and debris clearance on almost any size property.

Whether you’ve got a single home that needs to be cleaned of droppings and bird debris, or have a much larger site that needs a total overhaul to get rid of unwanted waste and mess, our team have the skills and equipment to get the job done.

  • We have Access to full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing

Our access to full PPE clothing and equipment, along with advanced scrapers, hoses, brushes and biocides enable us to completely clear your surfaces of bird droppings, nest leavings and other debris, quickly and thoroughly.

  • We have Advanced Mite Removal Technology

Our team is able to provide bird mites treatment as well as waste cleanup. We appreciate that bird waste looks unsightly, but when it attracts bird mites, it can become dangerous. That’s why we leave your property free of unwanted mites and related insects.

  • We have The hardest work ethic in the business

We remove bird poop from concrete using water and biocides, along with plenty of scrubbing and brushing. Fully equipped with PPE clothing, we make sure that your site is secured before we start working, we get the job done quickly, and we will even take the guano with us to dispose of correctly.

  • We have Cost-effective cleaning solutions

Although anyone with the right protective clothing and cleaning gear can remove small quantities of bird poop, operating safely when the job is bigger requires a higher degree of skill. We recommend using professional contractors for larger jobs. Not only is a professional a safer option, when you factor in the chemicals, gear and tools you need to do the job, it’s the cost-effective option too.


We appreciate how hard it can be to find the time in your day to fit everything in.

With that in mind we offer a time-saving guarantee to make your life easier.

Once you’ve spoken to a member of our team and booked your risk-free quote, we’ll come to your property and leave a written report outlining your options, and a quote for your consideration.

Our time-saving guarantee is offered so you don’t need to be present for the treatment either!

We’ll leave your invoice in the letterbox and leave your property bird free.

At No More Birds we’re committed to simple and affordable bird control, time after time.

Please note: While we can typically carry out all work independently, if your bird control issue extends to spaces within your home, please let your booking technician know.

Bird Waste Cleaning and Bird Control UK


Contact our bird hotline for free advice.

If you’ve got a bird control problem we’ll arrange a time to come to your property and provide an obligation free quote.

  • Local experts
  • Free advice
  • Unmatched experience
Bird Waste Cleaning and Bird Control UK


A member of our team will conduct a site inspection to identify the level of infestation and recommend a treatment plan tailored to you.

We will discuss your pest problem and provide a quote for your consideration.

  • Flexible appointment times to suit you
  • Bespoke pest control unique to your situation
  • Fair and reasonable quotes without obligation
Bird Waste Cleaning and Bird Control UK


Our Sydney pest control experts will come to you and provide lasting treatment.

With a drive for 100% customer satisfaction we will minimise disruption and maximise results.

  • Flexible appointment times to suit you
  • Eco-friendly treatments safe for children and pets
  • Humane pest control protects your home, family, and the environment
Bird Waste Cleaning and Bird Control UK


Our experience allows us to identify and remove all access points that allowed birds into your home or business.

Whether through our bird hotline or follow up consultations, we’ll ensure your home stays bird free.

  • Free advice for ongoing prevention
  • Guaranteed results
  • Industry leading outcomes

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Don’t fly the white flag. There is a way to get rid of unwanted birds.

Contact No More Birds and let us help with your nesting and infestation problems today.

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