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The Best BioHazard Cleaning Company UK

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We understand that some biohazard events could be sensitive and must be handled with empathy, care and discretion. Our biohazard cleaners offer complete help with respect and discretion and ensure great work ethics are in place at all times. We strive to relieve those affected, whether at a residence or business, and work to get your property back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are here to help.


Our biohazard cleaning technicians treat every affected area and item professionally and respectfully, as if it were our own.

Highest Standards

Our cleaning materials and equipment provide protection and prevent contamination and reduce the risk of spreading dangerous pathogens.


We understand the trauma you and your loved ones may be facing. We work with compassion in order to deliver fast yet best results.

Advanced Cleaning System

We use an innovative procedure used to sanitise public areas the most effective way possible. Our system sanitises and even helps prevent virus and other pathogen-based contamination (including Influenza and Norovirus) in nearby areas.

Biohazard Cleanup Services Include:

  • Blood and Body Fluid Remediation
  • Virus Decontamination and Protection
  • Sewage Cleanup and Sanitation
  • Deodorisation and Odour Control
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Cleaning After Death
  • Faeces, Urine and Vomit Cleanup

The Process

Biohazard cleaning procedure starts by containing the situation to prevent further damage. Our biohazard cleaning experts then restore the affected area quickly to return the property to a pre-loss condition, with respect and compassion.

We carefully remove potentially infectious materials from the site.

Our specialist deep cleaning technicians handle hazardous waste.

Next, the technicians remove porous materials such as fabric and carpeting following industry best practices.

Technicians handle affected materials that are not considered hazardous medical waste by either removing or decontaminating and sanitising, depending on their condition.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

PuroClean uses hospital-grade disinfectants to clean and sanitize the areas most likely to be contaminated by viruses including high touchpoints in the office, vehicles as well as common areas.

Creating the Safest Possible Environment

Chemical disinfectants can kill viruses, but there are limitations. Disinfectants need to be used in the right concentration, be applied on a clean surface, and be left wet for the dwell time specific to the product. It must also be noted that once the disinfectant dries, there is no lasting protection. The next cough, sneeze or touch can Contaminate a sanitized surface again.

Our Professional Prevention Services Include:

Cleaning & Sanitising of:

  • Door knobs
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Light switches
  • Carpeted areas
  • Kitchens
  • Breakrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Daycare centres
  • Cafeterias
  • Gymnasiums & equipment
  • Health centres
  • School facilities
  • Drinking fountains
  • Vending machines
  • Vehicles

Features & Benefits:

Physically controls microorganisms on contact.
Applicable to virtually all materials and surfaces.
Accepted, registered and readily available worldwide.
Controls or eliminates objectionable odours, unsightly stains, and product deterioration.
It does not rub off or migrate onto the skin or into the environment.

Our industry-certified professionals can protect your property using safe, quick and effective processes that prevent, or remove, harmful particles from the environment.
Our service is peace of mind and help when it’s needed most.

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