Loft Cleaning and Loft Clearance Services


Loft Cleaning and Loft Clearance Services Across UK

For all your loft tidy up and loft cleaning, loft clearance and reinsulating requirements please call us on 07506 709450 or send us an email at hello@tidyups.co.uk – We are your local loft cleaning and loft clearance company serving across England, Scotland and Wales. Offering bespoke cleaning and clearance services including disinfecting, deodorising, including cleaning and clearance and sanitisation services. 

With over 12 years of experience in loft cleaning and restoring lofts, your loft cleaning and loft clearance company can expertly remove all general debris, insulation, dust, rodent carcasses, etc leaving you with a clean and dust free loft space, ready for re insulating, converting, lining or boarding.

In addition to providing high end loft cleaning services in your loft, Tidyups.co.uk also supplies and installs insulation, and offers a loft lining and boarding service in addition to supplying and installing loft ladders.

We operate both powerful truck mounted and more portable vacuum cleaning machines, meaning we can service both large buildings in rural areas and multi storey properties across Teesside, County Durham and North East England.

If you are moving into your new home and loft is full of clutter or unwanted items, we can come and offer a complete loft tidy up and loft clearance service at any time. We even offer garage and shed cleaning and clearance services, home and office cleaning and clearance, factory, warehouse and garage cleaning and clearance services across UK.

All our services are for fixed cost and there’s no hassle and stress for customers. We come when we say we will and stick to job until it is done. There’s no if’s and but’s from start to finish.

If you are therefore looking for your loft tidying up service, garage or shed, then give us a call now on  +44 7506 709450 

Why Use Loft Cleaning and Clearance in UK?


Tired of cleaning service arriving 1,2 sometimes 3 hours past scheduled time? We’ll arrive within 30 minutes of schedule time period!


Everything begins with trust. Your home is one of your most priced possessions. Therefore it’s safety and care is our priority.

Customer Service

Quick response time, service reminder emails & texts and we are always willing to find a way to accomodate your requests and address any concerns.

Fair Pricing

Pay only for the amount of time that is needed to clean your home. No hidden fees and no suprise bills.

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