Loft Clearance Services

What condition is your loft in right now?

Yes, lofts are used as storage for a number of things like suitcases, old equipment, Christmas decorations, relics, sports gear, junk from former habits, and lots of other stuff.
However, you should sincerely ask yourself how often you use some of the things in your loft? Clearing out your loft simply means more room for other useful things.

Rest assured that we will discard the waste removed from your loft in a nature-friendly manner. In most cases, we decontaminate the loft after the clearance process and we strongly advise that during this process, you remove children and pets from the house or plan an outing to get everyone out of the house to avoid hazards and ventilate to clear odors. We recommend you prepare fully for the clearance process as it can be a very sentimental one. Decide carefully and firmly which items you want to be removed and those you want to keep.

We offer all our services 7 days a week including public and bank holidays for customers convenience. So, no matter what time of the day or night, just call us on 07506 709450

Give us a call today on  +44 7506 709450 or send us an email at hello@tidyups.co.uk in order to discuss your requirements.

Why Use Loft Clearance Services?

What we can remove from your loft?

There are many reasons to clear out a loft, it could be when planning a loft expansion, relocating or moving in and discovering forgotten stuff in the loft or maybe you just want a more organized loft. No matter what it is, we are available and ready to help you with your loft clearance at all times.

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