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Extreme Cleaning Services

If you require extreme cleaning services carried out in a residential or commercial property, we will be most pleased to help on a short notice with the quickest time frame possible.

Whether you are a landlord, a letting company or a home owner. If your property is in a dire need of specialist deep cleaning and biohazard cleaning, we will be most pleased to help.

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We are experts in making any contaminated environment safe. From sharps search to dealing with bodily fluids, we are trained to recognise the risks and how to deal with them. Our experienced professional staff know how to handle hazardous waste.

We can quickly assess and make safe high-risk properties:

  • Comprehensive property search to ensure no hazardous items or substances remain
  • Recognise higher risks in contaminated properties and how to minimise risks to others
  • Knowledge of how to safely handle and dispose of waste correctly

We leave each property cleaned and in a state of hygiene fit either for immediate re-occupation or for other workers to follow us into that property. Our environmental cleaning services and garden and external clearance can also help to clean up and make safe challenging properties for existing or new tenants.

At extreme cleaning services, we want to offer our customers both peace of mind, great price, fast turnaround and a job well done. Whether its blood, hazardous waste, faeces or urine, animal or birds waste, we will be most pleased to help you with any extreme cleaning situation. Our extreme cleanup services are not limited to time and we ensure jobs well done to the highest possible standards.

Excellent. No reservations. I would recommend this company to everyone.

Stuart J Baines

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