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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Tidyups.co.uk is a trusted commercial carpet cleaning company offering professional carpet cleaning services in Teesside, County Durham and North East England as well as North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. Call them on 07506 709450 now in order to speak to them!

They have been providing commercial customers with fixed cost carpet cleaning services for the past 9+ years and have earned respect for what they do for their customers

They are local, polite, friendly and fully insured and their commercial carpet cleaning is used by range of customers including restaurants, pubs, clubs, churches, mosques and offices and so on across Teesside, County Durham, North East England and North and West Yorkshire.

They follow a 12 stage unbiased commercial carpet cleaning method which brings your carpets in your business back to life again, not only your carpets look great but smell great again.

Whether you live in Teesside, County Durham, North East England or North and West Yorkshire and require your commercial carpets to be properly cleaned, then phone them on 07506 709450 or send them an email at hello@tidyups.co.uk

Here are seven advantages of the commercial carpet cleaning services

1. Increased Productivity

Nothing is more encouraging than an employer who is passionate about his own business and offers its employees and customers with a cleaned work space. 

It is proven that Employees work harder when they know their workplace is cared for, cleaned and looked after.

A dirty office with soiled carpets is an uncomfortable work area and can kill motivation as well as cause harm to employees skin, food and their work habbit.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaners to keep rugs and carpets clean shows employees that the business owner takes pride in the workplace environment and is willing to spend when needed.

Employees tend to stay longer at jobs when they find themselves at a business which cares about their health as well as the place they work in.

2. Gain Even More Customers

Let’s face it, appearances matter when it comes to attracting and keeping customers, is not it?

Your products may be amazing, but a business that looks grungy and unkempt will deter customers, that is for sure.

Keeping the carpets clean will help your business to stay beautiful so that customers will stay a little longer and spend more money while they are there, make better decisions and end up buying other products or services you offer.

3. Less Damage to Carpets

Dirty carpets hold fine abrasive particles that actually damage carpets over time, increasing wear and tear and give it some more time and you will need to replace the lot all together costing you money, time but more important causing you hassle and employees not working while your carpets are being re-fitted.

The carpeting will last much longer and look better by having a professional carpet cleaner come to your business on a regular basis.

Cleaning Carpets thoroughly leaves the pile of the carpet lifted and keeps the colour fresh.

Did you know that carpeting is your business’ best air filter?

The more damaged carpets are, the more dirt they hold inside of them, making the air inside the office harder to breathe for employees and customers.  

4. Less Employee Sick Time

The truth is, dirty carpets make people sick

As well as cause breathing problems, eye sight issues and lung disease.

They encourage fever, headaches and colds by trapping dust and bacteria while working on dirty carpets is normal.

Illness, of course, increases the sick days your employees use.

Dust mites and allergens get embedded deep into carpets and the only way to get them out is with a commercial carpet cleaning that uses very hot water and special materials.

5. Elevate Your Reputation in the Community

The smell and appearance of an office or business say a lot to the members of the community.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best ways to familiarise people with your business.

Continued cleanliness and a pleasing appearance speak volumes about the quality of work or service done there.

Not only do customers spread word-of-mouth references, other businesses do too.

Don’t let dirty, soiled carpets ruin your reputation in the community. No matter how great your product or service is, but it is for sure, that less clean carpets or an untidy place of work is going to impact how your employees and customers think about your business.

6. Higher Quality Cleaning

Some companies have employees do the carpet cleaning.  

Every style of carpet requires specific materials and water temperature that only professional carpet cleaners have access to and know how to use.

You’ll risk damaged or torn carpets if the process isn’t done properly by an employee who’s just doing it for you and do not have the proper experience.

Employees who don’t have the necessary skills for carpet cleaning may be nervous about accidentally damaging the carpet, causing them to clean it less frequently than recommended.

Having a professional clean the carpets takes the unnecessary stress off of your employees.

7. Save Money

It’s more cost-effective to get a professional carpet cleaning company clean your carpets at your work place.

Companies who try to purchase their own carpet cleaning equipment and materials will end up spending more money overall than if they had hired someone to do it.

If the cost of paying the wages of an employee are factored in as well, the overall cost is much higher than the fee of a professional carpet cleaner.

The more money is saved, the less overhead expenses a company has.

This savings over time can be passed on to customers in the form of discounts or you can save those discounts in order to spend that money on marketing or your holidays? You work so hard – You deserve it.

If you require commercial carpet cleaning in Teesside, County Durham, North East England and North and West Yorkshire, simply get in touch by calling us on 07506 709450 or send us an email at hello@tidyups.co.uk now!

Why Use Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our services that we provide a written guarantee. Once you have a carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning provided by us, you have the right to call us within 24 hours if any stains re-appear when your carpets or upholstery dry. We will then send an operator to clean it again for you for free.

Equipment and Materials

You can be rest assured that we will us the right carpet and upholstery cleaning method for you. We mainly use hot water extraction method as this is an industry approved method recommended by carpet manufactures but we also use Dry Fusion method for carpet tiles. For delicate upholstery and rugs, we can use low moister cleaning with wool safe chemicals.

Qualifications and Experience

All our carpet cleaners are trained by Prochem National Training Academy and we keep ourselves updated with the latest methods, materials and trends in the industry. We have experience of cleaning all types of carpets, sofas, rugs, curtains etc. From rental homes, expensive households, hotels, restaurants, offices and commercial buildings so you can rely that we will always choose the best possible method.

24 Hour Emergency Services

We are a large team of carpet cleaners, oven cleaners, gardeners, painters and handymen and will have availability for your job - always! Call us now on 07506 709450 in order to make an appointment for a trusted fixed cost service.

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