Best Carpet Cleaning Practises in Teesside, UK


Best Carpet Cleaning Practises in Teesside

Whether you are a home or an office and require best carpet cleaning practises carried out in your home and office then you are at the right page. TidyUps is a local Teesside based business offering their carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service across Teesside, County Durham and North East England. They have been in business for just over 9 years. They are a fully insured local carpet cleaning company. As a time served business, they offer 27 services in the region from upholstery cleaning to oven cleaning, pressure/jet washing to driveway and patio cleaning, interior and exterior painting, gardening, drain unblocking, end of tenancy cleaning, after build cleans and disinfecting, sanitising and range of other services.

If you are looking for a local, trusted and reliable local firm to provide you with the best of the best carpet cleaning services in Teesside, then simply call 07506 709450 – They are polite, helpful, uniformed and equipped with the best tools and equipment in the market in order to offer you both satisfaction and great value for your money. If you have a budget to spend on your carpet cleaning, speak to them. Even if you want your carpet cleaning being carried out on same day or on short notice or last minute, just call your local Teesside Carpet Cleaning Company Now!

The most effective (and least expensive) method of carpet cleaning is vacuuming. Regularly vacuuming will keep your carpet looking new and clean. Our top recommendation is a high-quality, upright vacuum with a beater bar and a disposable paper bag; this works well on most carpets giving you both clean environment and healthy living. If you have got kids, pets, elderly at home, it offers them with great internal cleanliness as well as you.

A separate tank-type cleaner with a disposable bag is best used on hard-surface floors like vinyl, laminate and hardwood. It is best to buy a vacuum with built in hepa-filter.

Generally speaking, your best bet is to purchase two separate types of vacuum cleaners, rather one that is designed to vacuum both soft and hard surfaces.

When it comes to spill and stain removal, we recommend purchasing a small one-gallon Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner, which can usually be purchased for less than £150. To use these particular vacuums, first, remove the paper filter from the cleaner.

For darker spills, like wine or grape juice, immediate attention is required. Suction the liquid from the carpet followed by pouring a glass of cold tap water onto the area affected. Repeat the suctioning and pouring process until the water being suctioned is completely clear.

It is very important to perform this task as soon as possible after the spill occurs. It is also important to use a dedicated, clean vacuum for this task as one that is dirty may exhaust dirty water that may stain carpet.

• The Rug Market recommends using Milliken’s CAPTURE dry powder cleaner for all carpet cleaning.

• The Rug Market also carries an assortment of other cleaners for vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors.

Questions? We’d be happy to answer. Give us a call at 07506 709450

TidyUps also provides biohazard cleaning, graffiti removal, ivy removal, patio and decking and fence repairs and range of other services. Simply visit their website now!

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